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Life is Better in a BTA Home

A Husband and Wife Perspective







“When we received the proposal from Jeff Galea of BTA, we did not know where to start to understand what was proposed. With my electronics background, I still had no idea what some of the “Space Age” terminology dealt with; how it would be used. A few months later, the ceilings and walls were opened in our totally furnished former “Model Home” filled with antiques; wires everywhere. We left town. Had we not seen for ourselves, had we not trusted Jeff and his professional crew, we would never have had the pleasure and privilege of doing business with Boca Theater & Automation and enjoying all that his hi-tech company offered. Every conceivable problem, every glitch, every silly question was responded to quicker than a 911 call. When a tech came by a few weeks ago, the technician was told how grateful we were that we selected his Company over so many others. The ceilings look perfect, our home left clean and undisturbed………And the enjoyment….WOW!”


“You asked what BTA does well….. just about EVERYTHING. The presentations and conferences which help the client decide what their electronic needs and desires are, the detailed price quote which leaves nothing to the imagination, The impeccable workmanship……My completely decorated model home needed to have ceilings and walls opened up to have the job done….. I must say at that point I was quite apprehensive seeing this and thinking it will never look the same. I left for a trip and when I returned I could not believe my eyes…It looked EXACTY as it did prior to the work!. Were there any glitches….yes but the staff and workmen (all of whom are very courteous and trustworthy) were always willing and able to address the issue and resolve it……BTA is and a has been an aboslute pleasure to deal with!”

David and Sharon – Boca Raton

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