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Jeff Galea

CEO and Founder

Jeff graduated from General Motors Institute with a BSEE and moved to Boca Raton, FL to build GM/EDS’s development practice at IBM. At IBM, Jeff was co-inventor on US Patent 6,118,428 involving the integration of OS/2® and Windows®. Jeff moved to Silicon Valley in the 90’s, and as VP of Engineering at Aurum Software he was credited with developing the first browser-based SFA application. Aurum went public and was later acquired by The Baan Company. As VP of Engineering for Baan’s Front Office Division, Jeff’s team developed synchronization software to keep mobile phones current with servers via the internet. After leaving Baan, Jeff co-founded The Cybrant Corporation, a pioneer in web-based guided selling solutions where he was awarded US Patent 6,404,445 for technology which enabled complex products to be configured in a browser. Jeff moved back to Boca Raton, FL in 2001 to run Cybrant’s Product, Engineering, and Support Teams.

In 2004 Jeff left Enterprise Software to launch Boca Theater & Automation (BTA), a high-tech company focused on developing and delivering software and electronics that integrate audio/visual and building control systems into luxury homes, yachts, and businesses. BTA’s state-of-the art touch screen control systems have been deployed in the most prestigious homes in the U.S., with the majority of its customers located in Palm Beach County Florida. BTA acquired Cinema Design Group International (CDGi) in 2005, a company focused on designing and building acoustically accurate luxury interiors for high-end residential and commercial theaters where Jeff serves as Chairman and CEO. In 2011, Jeff acquired radio frequency electronics distributor Microwave Distributors Company (MDC), along with its manufacturing affiliate MIDISCO. Jeff oversees MDCs operations and is runs its eCommerce initiative while serving as Chairman and CEO. Jeff is an Eagle Scout and sponsors student internship programs in his companies by employing and mentoring technology focused students.

Joe Galea


Joe graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1984 with a BS in Accounting. After becoming a CPA, he graduated from Plymouth State College in 1990 with an MBA. Joe began his professional career in Toledo, OH where he held various corporate accounting positions, followed by fifteen years in the consumer packaging industry with Owens-Brockway Plastics and Pactiv Corporation. Joe was the Production Manager at a 200-employee plant that serviced customers such as Clairol, McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough, Clorox, Unilever, and Proctor and Gamble. After successfully executing key leadership positions at manufacturing facilities in Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Georgia, and St. Louis, MO, Joe transitioned to corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, IL. where he became Corporate Controller of several divisions. Joe also led multi-national divisions through the implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance documentation, was part of the turnaround team at two of them, and was a key team member of an acquisition in The Netherlands.

In 2005, Joe joined Boca Theater and Automation (BTA) as Chief Financial Officer. Joe led the financial due diligence related to BTA’s acquisition of Cinema Design Group International (CDGi) in 2005. In 2011, Joe led the acquisition of Microwave Distributors Company (MDC) and its manufacturing affiliate, Midisco. Joe continues to serve as CFO for BTA, CDGi, and MDC with financial and treasury responsibility of all three companies; he also serves as COO of MDC overseeing distribution and manufacturing.


Managing Director

J.T.Galea Sr. is a graduate of General Motors Institute with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering, he also completed course studies towards a MBA from Balwin Wallace College. He retired from General Motors after 35 years of service during which time he supervised engineering departments both in the U.S. and in Europe with multi million dollar budgets. He has also earned patents for his work in the development of mechanical systems. After retirement he successfully began a business which he developed and sold. Then worked 8 years as an estimator, designer and project manager in the home building industry.

Jim Reid

Director of Engineering

Jim graduated from the University of Utah in 1988 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating, Jim worked for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) for eight years. At EDS, Jim was part of the team that converted the 16-bit software development tools to 32-bit for OS/2®. Jim also traveled extensively as a design, development, and implementation specialist for EDS. In 1999, Jim joined The Cybrant Corporation, a pioneer in web-based guided selling solutions. As Director of Engineering, Jim led the team of software engineers that developed Cybrant’s server and browser based runtime technology. Jim was awarded US Patent 6,404,445 for Cybrant’s core constraint engine technology which enabled complex products to be configured in a browser.

In 2005, Jim joined Boca Theater & Automation (BTA). As Director of Engineering, Jim designed, developed, and implemented the state-of-the-art touch screen control systems that have been employed in some of the most prestigious homes in the U.S. from Fisher Island and Miami’s South Beach, to East Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, to Boca Raton, FL, where the majority of BTA’s customers are located.

Stan Elder

Senior Systems Engineer

Stan graduated from Loughborough University of Technology in the United Kingdom in 1985 with a BS in Engineering Science and Technology. He forged a successful career in the Automotive Industry, first with Lucas Industries in the United Kingdom and then with Robert Bosch Corporation in both the US and Germany.

While at Bosch, Stan spearheaded development of new global fuel and engine management system business with Ford Motor Company and developed a Bosch global business coordination strategy for Ford Motor Company and its affiliated brands.

Stan relocated to Boca Raton to take a partnership in the newly formed Boca Theater and Automation (BTA) in 2004, where he currently serves as Principal Systems Design Engineer. Stan is a keen runner and participates in as many 5k/10k runs and obstacle course race events as his busy schedule allows.

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News & Updates

An Invitation-Only Peek Inside Dynaudio's Danish Headquarters

At the end of April, we traveled to Denmark to visit our partner brand, Dynaudio. We spent a week immersing ourselves in Danish culture – and took a behind the scenes tour of the factory where the world’s best loudspeakers are made. Needless to say, these audio nerds had a ball!

Dynaudio factory tourWe kicked off our trip in Copenhagen, where we were greeted by our hosts and enjoyed a relaxing stay at a waterfront hotel. From there, we traveled to Aarhus by train for a visit to the M2Film Studios. The following day, we traveled to Skanderborg for our exclusive tour of Dynaudio headquarters, including their factory and brand new Research and Development Center.

We wrapped up our trip with a few leisurely days in Copenhagen, where we explored the city with a canal boat tour, walked through the Tivoli Gardens, and enjoyed the full Danish Hotdog experience.

But back to the reason for our trip to Denmark… Dynaudio is our longtime brand partner for the diverse loudspeaker needs of our clients. While the BTA team enjoys Dynaudio sound in our showroom, we were eager to experience the technology with the masters themselves. Our tour reaffirmed everything we already knew: Dynaudio is the king of loudspeakers.

What Sets Dynaudio Apart

Dynaudio speakers in progressDynaudio does things differently right from the start. Most loudspeaker companies merely assemble loudspeakers. They purchase drivers and parts from different companies and then put them together to create a speaker. As these speakers make their way from production to the sales floor, about 10% are tested for quality control. The performance of the sample is then scaled to the remaining 90%.

Dynaudio makes every part of the speaker, from the drivers to the fine grain wood case, to the delicate components holding it all together. This gives them complete control over the audio experience. Instead of relying on instruments alone to test speakers, Dynaudio relies on the best judge of quality there is: the human ear.

And they don’t just test 10% of the speakers that pass down the line, they test every single one. And not just once! They test every single speaker 3 or more times before it arrives in your living room. This is revolutionary.

Their process also ensures that your experience is impeccable whether you purchase a pair of $800 speakers for your home or a $135,000 speaker for your professional recording studio. Every speaker is cut from the same meticulous cloth and carries the same unrepeatable Dynaudio DNA.

Our Dynaudio Tour

We travelled to Dynaudio as a part of their inaugural Goodwill Ambassador Tour. BTA is honored to be among the small group of professionals chosen to receive the full Danish experience. As a part of our tour, we were able to meet the wonderful employees of Dynaudio – many of whom have 25 plus years of experience with the company.

The factory is filled with friendly, knowledgeable faces and we received a warm welcome. We learned even more about the technical elements of a Dynaudio speaker (if you are an audiophile, give us a call for the full rundown)… And discovered that Dynaudio’s testing process is second to none. After testing each speaker a minimum of 3 times, some speakers are still rejected for minor flaws. This is simply unheard of in the industry.

While we weren’t able to take pictures in their Research and Development Center, you can see it for yourself in the video below.

Dynaudio’s Revolutionary New Speakers

We embarked on our trip to Denmark on the heels of some exciting news. Dynaudio just launched architectural speakers for wall and ceiling. These speakers are designed to fit into the majority of existing architectural speaker openings. This means you can easily upgrade your current surround sound system or whole home audio network.

And because we would expect nothing less from Dynaudio… These custom install speakers deliver sound that is better than most box speakers. You no longer have to compromise audio quality for the sleek in wall look you want. The loudspeaker modules disappear into their surroundings and can be custom painted to match any room. Their unique tool-free, clip-in design makes install a breeze.

This means you can enjoy unrivaled Dynaudio sound around your TV, as a part of your whole home audio, in your favorite listening spot, or in your completely hidden surround sound system.  In addition to custom install speakers, Dynaudio produces solutions for home systems, professionals, and even cars! Dynaudio is the preferred audio partner for leading car brands around the world, including Volkswagen.

We continue to be amazed by the versatility, creativity, and precision of Dynaudio. They are celebrating 40 years in business and we can only imagine what the next 40 years will bring!

Dynaudio, thank you for hosting us in Denmark and sharing your headquarters with us.

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