Boca Theater and Automation

Life is Better in a BTA Home

“BTA has all the technology…”

“What does BTA do well… In a word… Everything! Service is outstanding. With a technology background, you’d think I’d be enamored with all the gadgetry BTA has to offer but what makes BTA different is the truly amazing service you offer. Nights, weekends, holidays? It doesn’t matter. I’ve sent emails to BTA Support for everything from simple issues (I thought the AC control was broken and it turns out the breaker tripped for the AC unit) to complex problems (my house was struck by lightning!). In all cases, I get support right away. ”

“Talking about how great the service isn’t to say the gadgetry isn’t there.. it is! BTA has all the latest technology but what’s most impressive is that nothing scares BTA. I’ve made some pretty crazy requests like integrating Pandora or changing my A/C settings based on motion sensors. BTA was able to make the A/C settings a reality while Pandora we’re still looking into. The bottom line is that BTA has access to all the latest technology and some of the best programmers in the business to seamlessly integrate it. BTA has implemented solutions that I was the first one to make the request. In all cases, BTA does the research, proposes a reasonable solution and executes in flawlessly. “

– Chief Technology Officer – Ultimate Software

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