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Life is Better in a BTA Home

BTA featured in Electronic House Magazine


If you were custom electronics contractor Boca Theater & Automation (BTA) of Boca Raton, Fla., you might self-destruct at the end of this message. However, BTA persevered, and the result is a clean, contemporary look with all the equipment, sans the flat-panel TV, completely hidden (and keep in mind that this installation is a couple of years old, so imagine what they could have tried today).

“[The homeowners] were hot for a big, native 1080p display as soon [as that] hit the market,” says Jeff Galea, CEO of BTA. “And if they were spending the money, they wanted high-quality, reputable equipment that would last.” So BTA chose a 65-inch 1080p Runco plasma. An LCD was considered, but the biggest at that time was a 70-inch Sony going for $32,000, well out of this couple’s price range.

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