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Bass Shakers

BTA loves its bass –low frequency effects are some of the most exciting parts of action packed movies and should be heard, and felt!

However, bass is also one of hardest frequencies to block as tends to travel through walls very easily. To mitigate this, while enhancing the overall movie experience, BTA deploys “bass shakers” in each of its custom theaters. Bass shakers mounted on specially designed tiered-seating risers are driven by powerful amplifiers connected to the LFE (low frequency effects) channel. When loud bass frequencies are heard, they are also felt, providing a third dimension to the theater.

When you go to the local Cinema – most likely the chairs do not fit you just right, the viewing angles are not ideal for everyone (especially when the local basketball star ensconces the seat in front of you at the last minute), and the volume levels that are perfect for one person are likely wrong for another.

Volume and intensity are perceived differently for each of us, and until recently, the only way to “personalize” a multiple viewing experience in a collective environment was to use headphones. With bass shakers, each enthusiast can adjust the intensity of his or her experience by selecting a desired tactile impact level.

Please note that Sony iMax theaters are now using bass shakers too.

“It’s one louder.”……”These go to eleven”

– Nigel Tufnel, played by Christopher Guest in the movie Spinal Tap.