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Cut away of wall

Cut away of wall

The most important aspect of a Theater in a Home is the room itself. The room must be acoustically isolated from the rest of the house not only so unwanted sounds do not enter the theater, but also so the entire house does not hear your favorite action adventure film. This is crucial to the enjoyment of a theater because the homeowner should be able to play the system at Dolby reference levels at anytime in the day or night without getting a phone call from the neighbors!

Using the analogy “A chain is only as good as it’s weakest link” – in a home theater nothing could be more true. Most A/V system are comprised of components like a projector, screen, amps, processors, speakers, wires, Blu-Ray, and a movie server. However, the largest component, and the one that has the final say over the quality of the sound and level of realism – is the room itself.

To achieve a quality experience, BTA builds a “room within a room” so that the structural members of the theater are physically isolated from the rest of the home. Using double-stud construction wrapped with ¼ inch barium impregnated vinyl, a virtually soundproof room is created. The room is acoustically treated with dampeners at first-order reflection points, bass traps in the corners, acoustical ceiling tiles, and rear-wall diffusers.

The front of the viewing area usually includes a sand-filled stage to provide a solid foundation for the speakers, and a proscenium wall with automated drapes to frame the screen.

When completed, the sound stage and depth of field can grow to any dimension, thereby producing the intended effect that the Director and sound techicians created for the film.

Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbor’s noisy party than being there.
– Franklin P. Jones