Boca Theater and Automation

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Theater Design

Designing a theater starts out with the customer and ends with the customer. We have partnered with Cinema Design Group International (CDGi) to fill the stages in between with expertise, professionalism, and extreme attention to detail.

With our strategic alliance, our designers and the CDGi team listen to the customer–their wishes, expressed needs, and aspirations–and try to satisfy their innermost hopes and passions. We hope that the result is filled with excitement and that it fits the customer’s personality just right.

Our design experts take all the information supplied by the customer and the physical space with which they have to work and turn them into concept boards, computer renderings and, ultimately, computer-assisted designs (CAD) that is the language spoken by architects, engineers, and automated production systems.

In short, we take feelings expressed by the customer, turn them into design ideas, and finally translate them into machine instructions that shape the final product. For that process to work smoothly one needs a perfect combination of free-flowing creativity and disciplined engineering practice.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

-Vincent van Gogh