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Planar Viper DLP HD Projector

Behold the projector of all home theater projectors, bequeathed with everything the home theater devotee could possibly desire. With 10,000:1 contrast, 3-chip DLP, and 2,000 lumens, this projector will transform your theater into a place of worship. Between the technology, which is so distinct there’s none like it on the planet, and the design, which is so stylish it’s as stunning turned off as it is turned on, this projector embodies your refined taste. Top it off with an array of brilliant features, including five lens options, power zoom and focus, horizontal and vertical lens shift, DynamicBlack video, and HD 3-chip technology. All in all, you might be tempted to fall to your knees, but this technological wonder is best shown off while seated.


Why We Like It:

– Absolute super image quality, most notably in contrast and black levels.

– Viper’s full complement of installer-friendly options and tools allows us to create world-class home theaters that fully exploit this projector’s significant technical capabilities.

– In addition to the image quality, the unit just looks cool!

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