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We have the volunteers from the Palm Beach County Chapter of Quilts for Kids in our conference room once a month. The conference table allows them to gather as a group and bring in all of their sewing machines, fabric, thread and sense of humor to create spectacular quilts for the program.

Quilts for Kids has a volunteer network that encompasses corporate programs, quilting groups and individuals from all walks of life. It is
not for professional sewers only! We also welcome preteens and teens to get involved in the making and gifting of quilts through their
schools or community service programs. It is invaluable for a young person at the threshold of adulthood to see firsthand what life’s
battles are truly about—to know that life is not about having the right clothes or hair style. By making a quilt through our program,
they can experience what it is like to give something of themselves to a child who needs them. It helps them realize that their life is
good; that they can make a difference. We hear so much about how “at risk” our teens are. They only need the opportunity to shine—
Quilts for Kids gives them that chance.

For more information about the program click on the link:

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