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Runco Quantum Color Q-750

Runco has two new LED projectors on the market. The Runco QuantumColor Q750d comes with a digital video processor unit and the Q750i projector which is a stand alone unit.

Creating impressive video from LED-based projection is incredibly challenging. Only Runco has dedicated the time to create proprietary engineering technology to ensure its LED projection is flawless. The result is a projector platform that has it all – no lamp to replace, never-before-seen colors, low power consumption and includes Runco’s new DHD 3 controller/processor

1. Runco’s implementation of InfiniLight lampless LED technology has enabled a solid-state illumination system that eliminates the need for a lamp, mechanical iris and color wheel.
2. Runco’s proprietary technologies enable the Q-750d to achieve a new level of customized HD video performance that, until now, has been unachievable.
3. Runco’s Personal Color Equalizer enables custom integrators to utilize unprecedented colors, including those exactly defined by Hollywood’s cinematographers and the color preferences that each individual viewer chooses for each source
4. Q-750d produces immeasurable black/white contrast and new color standards, redefining projector specifications and how they are measured.
5. Q-750-d is the first to measure ColorContrast™, the ratio of a single color at its darkest (black) to its brightest, which enables greater realism and dimensionality.

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