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“The Referal Letter”

Hi Jeff:

Following is a copy of a letter I’m sending to National Custom Homes. It was a pleasure working with you and I’d be happy to give a refererence to any future clients.



Dear Rick:

After all this time I am very appreciative of your wonderderful service and that of your staff. I called Anita in a panic a couple of weeks ago and she promptly helped me out of my dilemma.

As you know we have had the work completed by Safex redone. I am enclosing photos of what Safex left us with and never did the work. Also enclosed photos of the work “redone” by Boca Theater and Automation. I highly recommend them and think it would be mutually beneficial for you to give them a call. The experience was a short dream rather than the endless nightmare we had with Safex – plus everything works!. The owner of Boca Theater is Jeff and the number is 561-999-9024.

Once againthank you for everything, we are enjoying our home.

Most Sincerly,

Jerry and Sherry

Organized, Clean, BTA

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