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The VUDU XL and XL2 are designed for the home theaters enthusiasts. You can create your own state-of-the-art digital movie library and leave DVDs behind. Can you imagine – no more DVDs to manage. You do not have to sweat about scratched or missing discs. Both the XL and XL2 store movies locally on their oversized hard drives and simplify your life and enhance your entertainment experience.

Because of the nature of the systems that we install, the XL2 is BTA’s big seller. The new VUDU XL2 is designed for installation into rack-mounted home theater systems. Occupying only one rack unit of space, the XL2 looks right at home in any rack while providing instant access to VUDU’s massive library of movies and TV shows.

The best movie service awaits you. See how VUDU can instantly brighten up your evenings with action, comedy and romance.

• Movies On-Demand — Access over 10,000 movies and TV titles from all Hollywood studios and leading independent distributors directly from your home theater. Watch newly released movies the same day the DVD becomes available.
• HDX™ Movies — Only VUDU gives you the freedom to choose between an instant-start HD movie and a higher quality HDX download, both offered at the same price .
• 1080p HD Quality — Rent HD movies in native 1080p or SD movies up-scaled to 1080i/p resolution and get the best viewing experience on your HDTV.
• Integrated Experience — The VUDU XL and XL2 can be fully integrated with leading home automation systems. Your entertainment begins with the touch of a button.
• Home Theater Convenience — Family movie nights are simple with VUDU. Neither time nor money wasted driving to the video store or movie theater, and no mailing DVDs – just great entertainment in the comfort of your home.
• No Monthly Fee — Rent standard definition movies from 99¢ to $3.99, high definition and HDX movies from $3.99 to $5.99. Purchase TV episodes for $1.99. Purchase movies from $4.99 to $19.99. No monthly subscription or contract.

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