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White Glove

BTA is pleased to offer its preferred customers a new program designed to ensure maximum satisfaction and enjoyment of your BTA Systems. The BTA White Glove Service Program is designed to:

  • Ensure operating continuity and longevity of your BTA Systems
  • Guarantee that your BTA System is up to date with regard to the most advanced improvements
  • Provide a secure internet portal that allows you to monitor and remotely control your BTA Systems
  • Give members preferred treatment and extended service hours with respect to scheduling service or maintenance appointments

The advanced BTA Home systems you have come to rely on and enjoy are comprised of very sophisticated pieces of equipment. These systems operate at their peak performance when properly maintained. BTA’s White Glove Service Program takes the worry out of maintenance. In addition, your membership in the program means we will let you know when newly introduced technology is available that can be seamlessly integrated into your BTA Home so that you continue to experience a state-of-the-art functionality while leveraging your current investment.

Operating Continuity and Longevity

Homeowners living in fully or partially automated homes come to rely on their systems so totally and completely that they do not even remember “how to do things the old way.”
The BTA White Glove Service Program provides all the services listed below to ensure uninterrupted operating continuity:

1)  Real-time System Monitoring

BTA has developed state-of-the art monitoring software that alerts its support staff if key components in your system go offline for a period of time. With this system, BTA knows if there is an equipment or software problem even before you do so that corrective action can be taken during more convenient times. Membership in the BTA White Glove Service Program means BTA’s support staff are constantly aware of your system’s health even when you are away from home or too busy to call. The monitoring system runs on a BTA-supplied “remote support unit” (RSU) which is a small PC installed into your equipment rack during your initial system installation. The RSU remains in your equipment rack for the duration of your initial warranty and subsequent White Glove membership period.

The image below is an example screen shot of the White Glove Monitoring system running at a client’s house. If a core device goes offline, a message is sent to BTA’s Offices and support personnel are immediately notified so that diagnosis and correction can begin immediately.


Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Note: The RSU is supplied by BTA and will remain on-site as long as your system is under warranty or you are a member of the White Glove Service Program. Upon expiration of your warranty and if you choose not to subscribe to the White Glove Service Program, BTA will remove the RSU and replace it with a decorative rack cover plate free of charge.

2) Functional Testing

Twice a year testing of all BTA-installed systems is done on-site to ensure all systems and components are functioning perfectly, including all BTA-supplied batteries in security alarm systems, pool alarms, remotes, wireless sensors, UPS devices, etc. Special attention will be paid to testing all backup systems to make sure there is service continuity even under the most extraordinary adverse circumstances. Testing will be performed remotely and on-site.

Note: This service does not include testing personal computer operating systems or software.

3) Cleaning and Calibration

BTA will clean and vacuum every piece of supplied equipment twice a year (including central vacuum systems). BTA will check and align all external satellite TV, satellite radio, and broadband antennas. BTA will adjust system clocks on all devices with built-in clocks.

Note: BTA recommends annual ISF video calibration for select TVs and projectors as well as surround sound calibration. While this item is optional and its cost is not covered in the BTA White Glove Service Program, we will make recommendations as to when calibration is needed and offer estimates for members of the BTA White Glove Service Program who wish to have us perform these calibrations.

4) Power Up, Power Down Service

BTA will power-up your systems after any extended power failure and confirm all components are fully operational after power-up. For seasonal residents, BTA will shut down non-essential systems upon request and restore service upon your return.

5) Alarm Vacation Service

If your BTA provided alarm system should trip while you are on vacation or out of town, upon notification from you or your monitoring company, BTA will log into your home and provide diagnostic information to analyze the cause of the alarm. If necessary, and then only with your consent, BTA will repair a faulty sensor while you are gone.

Functional Improvements

To take advantage of the rapid rate of technological innovation of systems contained in a “BTA Home”, the BTA White Glove Service Program provides access to operating improvements throughout the life of the original equipment. These improvements are generally accomplished through:

1) OEM Software Updates

Original Equipment Manufacturers typically issue updates to guarantee the integrity of their products. We will automatically install these updates on your system to ensure maximum efficiency and security of operation.

2) Channel Lineups and Favorites

Hard to schedule maintenance will be carried out remotely (when available) and automatically applied to all touch-screen based control systems. This includes DirecTV and CATV channel line-ups, satellite radio stations, and client requested favorite channels. Work will be done on an as-needed basis with hands-on verification performed every six months.

3) Annual Software Subscription Renewal Notification Service

Unified Threat Management subscriptions for BTA-Supplied network firewalls need to be renewed on an annual basis. These include optional subscriptions for business-class antispyware, antivirus, content filters, email filters, and next-day network hardware replacement. Your membership in the BTA White Glove Service Program means that we will keep track of the renewal dates for you and inform you ahead of time that the renewal date is approaching and the fees involved for each such renewal. Subscription and installation fees for the renewal remain the customer’s responsibility.

4) OEM New Feature Upgrades

Membership in the BTA White Glove Service Program covers all free updates or upgrades offered by Original Equipment Manufacturers. All such free updates and upgrades will be installed at no charge to you as they become available from the manufacturers. In addition, new features for your equipment made available by manufacturers at a cost will be brought to your attention as they are introduced for your purchase consideration.

5) New Technologies

BTA will test and analyze completely new technologies as they become available from time to time. Following these investigations, if BTA judges a new system capable of delivering enhanced performance and/or satisfaction to its customers, BTA may recommend such new systems to its BTA White Glove Service Program members for their consideration.

Remote System Access via the Internet

The White Glove Service Program includes a means to remotely access all network-enabled devices in your home from anywhere in the world via the internet using the secure SSL-VPN portal. This service is normally billed at $25/month but is included as part of your membership in the White Glove Service program.

Scheduling Preference

Members in the White Glove Service Program will receive priority scheduling for all service calls. Special service hours for after hours, weekends, and Holidays are also available for emergencies.


The BTA White Glove Service Program is being offered to preferred customers in two options:. A “worry-free” option which includes all labor charges, and a preventive maintenance plan which addresses periodic maintenance. Both White Glove Service Plans are offered as 1-year contracts paid in annual or semi-annual installments.

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