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Lighting Control

lightingWhen choosing a home integration system, lighting control is first and foremost. After all, lighting is usually the first thing you reach for when you enter a room – not the air conditioner, music server, or even a glass of water.

When planning a whole home control system, if you start with lighting control, you’ll end up with a practical, a feature-rich, and an attractive solution to control your lighting and more.

Since lighting is the most visible subsystem and we provide a very convenient and centralized control for the home owner. Each major area of the house, for example – kitchen, game room, master bedroom, theater, etc. is grouped into “zones”. And each area can be controlled from a simple to use lighted wall-mounted keypad. By pressing the “evening” button, dozens of lights immediately turn on to desired intensity levels (called “scenes”). Every scene in every room is available from touch screen panels so that one key press can bring the entire house to action – for example, one button could turn on all the outside lights while dimming the interior lights.
From easy single-room control to powerful whole home “anything you want” control, BTA has the perfect solution for your lighting needs.

By integrating security with lighting, security sensors can trigger lighting scenes – for example, when it is dark outside and the front door is opened, light up the pathways and turn on the foyer lights. If the security alarm is tripped, all the lights in the house can come on while flashing the outside lights.

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