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Central Vacuum

orb-vac1Vacuuming sucks: Dealing with tangled hoses and attachments, changing bags, having to stop to plug the vacuum back in because you’ve gone too far and the plug came out is no one’s idea of fun. Vacuuming should be the easiest and simplest part of cleaning your home.

With a central vacuum system, you simply plug the hose into strategically placed ports and go.  Since the main unit is located in the garage, or other far from earshot location, even the noise is gone.

Like the master cleaning unit, hidden from view, the real power of a central vacuum is in the hidden benefits of convenience and, more importantly, allergy control.

In the last decade, houses have been built tighter, wrapped in special insulation, and more technically sealed to create an internal environment that the temperature is more easily managed. This has lead to trapped smoke, odors. allergens and other contaminants indoors. Installing the proper central vacuum system not only eases the burden of regular house cleaning, but improves indoor air quality, removing dirt, dust, mites, pollen, dander and other allergens and carries them away to a canister totally removed from your living space.

A central vacuum system is one of the ultimate conveniences in a home integration solution.

“I’m not going to vacuum ’til Sears makes one you can ride on”

– Rosanne Barr