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Greener Living

You can help prevent global warming and promote a cleaner environment by increasing the quality and performance of the technology that you place in your home.

Today, it is become more than apparent that it is important to conserve energy and protect the environment. There are built in benefits with integrating technology into your home – in addition to creating a convenient lifestyle. BTA offers products that can help reduce your energy footprint and save money on your utility bills.

Lighting Control

Your light bill savings parallels the amount that you dim your lights. If you dim by 10%, you save 10% and your light bulbs last twice as long! Dimming not only saves money, it can create a wonderful ambiance for relaxing and entertaining. Also, you keep from having to replace bulbs as often in hard-to-reach places like stairwells and vaulted ceilings.

Motion Detectors

As part of some security and home automation packages, we can program your home to automatically turn off lights if no one is in the room.

Flat panel TVs

Ask us about TVs with the Energy Star logo. We custom calibrate your Televisions┬áto reduce energy, extending the life of the TV and minimizing eye strain. According to the research by Energy Star, a government program designed to protect the environment by increasing energy efficiency, a typical home video system can be responsible for up to 10 percent of the household’s electricity bill. In addition, The California Energy Commission conducted a television energy consumption survey and found that proper adjustments optimizing image quality on a television can reduce power consumption by 30 percent to 50 percent.

Music and Movie Servers

One green benefit to storing your CD’s and DVD’s on a dedicated server – you no longer have to purchase a hardcopy wrapped in plastic – thus reducing the amount of items entering waste stream.

HVAC Control

In South Florida, one of the biggest benefits in an automation project is to take advantage of the reduced energy costs at night or when you’re not home. We can create several pre-set scheduling program based on your lifestyle to maximize the energy used to cool your home.
Shade Control: In conjunction with the HVAC controls, motorized window treatments keeps the intense sun out during the summer for less air conditioning. While less of an impact, shades also keeps the heat in during the cold winter months for lower heating energy expense.

Central Vacuum

Since dirt and dust get deposited in a central filter away from your living space (i.e. garage), airborne dust is minimized for a healthier environment. It is also helpful for allergies.


As technology grows everyday in our lives whether we are ready for it or not – one thing we know is, communication and information is part of our daily lives and its here to stay. The best way to create a greener life for you and your family is to stay informed. Please check out a few of the links on how to create a green lifestyle.

Energy savings is possible for small, moderate, and large investments – from simple automated shading installations that incorporate natural light to complex systems that automate almost every electronic component of your home with large-scale scheduling programs.

“Responsibility is the price of greatness”

– Winston Churchill