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Life is Better in a BTA Home

Whole House A/V

Music Everywhere


Control The Music In Your Life – Enjoy the music throughout your entire home, or in any room you choose with distributed audio. Listen to your mellow jazz collection while you read in the den. Watch your children as they play video games in the media room, or your wife, as she listens to music on the patio. From stereo audio throughout your entire house, to high definition digital surround sound, our distributed audio systems are seamlessly integrated into your life. Just pick a room, and let our playlists do the work for you.

Like all of the arts, music can stir up emotion and move us in powerful ways. The many genres can strongly influence our behavior, our attitudes, and our lives. A BTA home allows you to express your character, all with the light touch of a button.

Our team if highly skilled technicians can install speakers anywhere in your home. They can be in your ceilings, your walls, or in your garden made to look like decorative rocks. You can control your music from our wide selection of keypads, touch panels, and remote controls. All of which are conveniently distributed throughout your home. So kick back, put your feet up, and remember life is better in a BTA home.

Distributed Video


Modern Whole House Audio and Video distribution revolves around the concept of a media server. Think of a media server as part stereo receiver, and part personal computer. When we’re done, your lifetime collection of CDs, Family Video recordings, and DVDs can be put onto a central server for instant access by anyone in the household at any time. And unlike a CD jukebox, different people in the house can play different music or videos simultaneously.

The basic concept of whole house audio and video is to have all of the homeowner’s content available at the touch of a button. This means that CD and DVD swapping are a thing of the past. Having direct access allows the homeowner to enjoy the content without needing to manually maintain libraries of CDs, DVDs, and tapes – all of the content is stored digitally on a central server.

Relax – You deserve it.

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow